Daily Hashi

About Daily Hashi

The ④ ⑥ and ⑧ patterns

Daily Hashi is the creation of Sean Gleeson, a web developer in Arcadia, Oklahoma.

Upcoming plans

We have lots of plans to add features to Daily Hashi! Here are some of them.

User Login
There will be a way to login to Daily Hashi with your Google account. You can always play without logging in, but logging in will let you save your game progress across devices, and give you access to some of the other features we will be adding.
Website Widget
There will be a way for bloggers and other website owners to put the Daily Hashi game right on their website.
Printable PDFs
There will be a way for newspapers and other print periodicals to download a camera-ready PDF to put right on their puzzle page.
Mobile app
There will be a free Daily Hashi app for Android and iOS.


The Daily Hashi Google+ page is the best way to connect with us! There you can…

If you need to email Daily Hashi, please send correspondence to Sean Gleeson (sean@gleeson.us).

If you need to mail something to Daily Hashi, please send it to
Sean Gleeson, 12800 Oak Ridge Road, Arcadia OK 73007 USA

Privacy and cookies

Daily Hashi collects the bare minimum of information necessary from users for the proper functioning of the game. For an explanation of what information we get, how we get it, and what we do with it, please read our Privacy and cookies statement.