Daily Hashi

Privacy policy and cookies

Daily Hashi collects the bare minimum of information necessary from users for the proper functioning of the game. Daily Hashi does not collect any personally identifying information, such as name, address, location, or email. Here is an explanation of what information we get, how we get it, and what we do with it.

HTTP request

Every time you browse to any website, including Daily Hashi, your browser sends an “HTTP request.” It’s your device’s way of saying to the server, “Please send me a particular web page.” (That’s why it’s called a ‘request.’)

Bundled into that request are several pieces of information, such as your IP address, and what kind of browser you’re using. It usually also has what language you prefer to read, what page referred you to this one (i.e., where was the link you clicked on to get here), and the contents of any “cookies” you have from this site. You send this request every single time you view anything anywhere on the web. It would not work if you didn’t.

Daily Hashi logs a summary of every HTTP request, including the time we got the request, the IP address and browser type of the user, and the result of the request (e.g., did we send the page or was there an error). We keep these logs indefinitely, and use them for aggregrate statistics such as which browsers are being used, and which errors are occurring, for maintenance and administration of the website.


Cookies are a special part of the HTTP request. They are actually pieces of information which the website stored in your browser’s memory on a previous visit, so you may send them along with your request on subsequent visits.

Daily Hashi uses cookies to store and remember three things:

Your current session
We send a cookie named PHPSESSID to every visitor, which is just an arbitrary identifier that lasts for your current session and is then deleted and forgotten forever. (Your session on our site ends when you close your browser.)
Your preferred game options
The Hashi Player has a “Game Options” menu where you can turn off sound effects, and pick a visual theme. When you play hashi, we save your choices in a cookie named ppref, so that the game can remember your preferences. This cookie lasts for 180 days.
Your progress in recent games
Whenever you play a hashi puzzle, we store a cookie to save the current state of that puzzle — the bridges you have placed and the time elapsed on the timer — so that you may continue games you left unfinished on a subsequent visit. These cookies are named the letter k followed by the ID number of the puzzle. E.g., a cookie for puzzle 500 will be named k500. Each of these cookies lasts seven days.

Questions or disputes

If you have any questions about the Daily Hashi privacy policies, or if you think we have somehow violated them, please direct your correspondence to:

Sean Gleeson
12800 Oak Ridge Road
Arcadia OK 73007
email: sean@gleeson.us

Any dispute will be resolved by prompt correction of the issue.