Daily Hashi

Today’s Hashi

This is it, your hashi puzzle for today, Saturday 13 July 2024. Go ahead and start solving. Have fun!

It saves your progress

If you start a game but don’t finish it, you can come back any day this week and it will remember where you left off.

Helpful buttons

The HOW TO PLAY button briefly explains the rules.

The PICK A PUZZLE button lets you play any Daily Hashi puzzle posted in the past seven days.

The START OVER button erases all the bridges you’ve built so you can start from scratch.

The CHECK BRIDGES button tells you if any of your bridges are wrong (but it won’t tell you which ones).

The GAME OPTIONS button lets you see the puzzle in several beautiful visual themes. It also lets you turn the sound effects off.

The FULL SCREEN button enlarges the puzzle to fill your whole monitor, giving you plenty of room to play!